A Favorable Transformation. WILLOCX + LD2 + MAMOUT

The Charles Malis project is an architectural intervention that shows a deep respect to the existing elements, does not remove any of the essential elements and transforms an industrial structure into a local public administration facility. Thus, two of the buildings of the industrial ensemble on

Social Housing Inside the ARSENAL Hall

The rehabilitation of Industrial heritage buildings is a Europe-wide theme. Most of the factories, plants and industrial halls built in the 19th century are no longer in use, and their territory is reclaimed by the evolution of the cities. Buildings with s specific functional aesthetics,

Walking the Yamanote Line

The larger, yet unpublished, series is called Walking the Yamanote Line. The Yamanote aboveground subway line surrounds the central area of the city of Tokyo. In 2015, I walked the streets near the subway line. This can be done in 12 hours. In total, I

Adrian Boțan: „Without tension, there is nothing but boredom”

It's always a challenge to write about a person you don’t know or know very little and only from what you’ve heard/read about them. And perhaps it’s not by accident that this new igloo column (called A Switch) debuts with the proposal and challenge to meet

A Sustainable Airport – Beijing Daxing

Recently inaugurated (in September 2019), Beijing’s Daxing International Airport is located in the Daxing district, 46 km south of the city center. It can be reached easily, in just 20 minutes on the express train. Built in order to attenuate the congestion in the existing

Home, at the Office. ING Bank Headquarters by AMA Design

ING has always been an innovative bank, with a lot of courage in experimenting novel solutions, this time, through a different approach in the organization of their new headquarters. Together with the consultants and the architecture team of AMA Design, they created a desk sharing

A Chameleonic Insertion – Office Building on Matei Voievod Street

Medium-height office buildings are a sensible subject due to the specific tension between the characteristic architectural language that requires large glazed surfaces and the small volume, whose composition and morphology must somehow conciliate these extremes. Located in Bucharest, on a street with Modernist apartment buildings

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