The Navez Building – A Specific Response / A Passive Building

“Like the other Art Deco and Neo-Gothic buildings in the neighborhood, which argue for a real desire for architecture, the Navez building tries to leave its mark upon the context through its game of designs and wide-angle geometry” - MSA. Located in the north of Brussels,

The Comana Monastery. Almost Five Centuries of History

The first issue of the Bulletin of the National Commission of Historical Monuments, founded in 1908, is dedicated to the Comana Monastery, thus proving how much this monument was valued. The texts signed by Al. Lapedatu and Nicolae Ghika-Budești were generously illustrated with photographs and

The Grossmann Villa, Brought to Life

The Grossmann Villa has an architectural beauty that is emblematic for the early Eclecticism of the Viennese persuasion. Located in the center of the city of Arad, the building was given a new life through an ample process of restoration and rehabilitation, being transformed into

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