Wadden Sea Centre. Horizontally caressing the ground

In radical and temperate forms, in a visionary and referential way, the architecture of  Wadden Sea Centre spreads its wings from the place where it is inserted, goes obliquely to reach contemporaneity and flies horizontally further, miming an enclosed flight on the ground. One Place and many

Adrian Boțan: „Without tension, there is nothing but boredom”

It's always a challenge to write about a person you don’t know or know very little and only from what you’ve heard/read about them. And perhaps it’s not by accident that this new igloo column (called A Switch) debuts with the proposal and challenge to meet

A Chameleonic Insertion – Office Building on Matei Voievod Street

Medium-height office buildings are a sensible subject due to the specific tension between the characteristic architectural language that requires large glazed surfaces and the small volume, whose composition and morphology must somehow conciliate these extremes. Located in Bucharest, on a street with Modernist apartment buildings

The Comana Monastery. Almost Five Centuries of History

The first issue of the Bulletin of the National Commission of Historical Monuments, founded in 1908, is dedicated to the Comana Monastery, thus proving how much this monument was valued. The texts signed by Al. Lapedatu and Nicolae Ghika-Budești were generously illustrated with photographs and

UNDER, the First Underwater Restaurant in Europe

Snøhetta, probably one of the most innovative architecture firms in Norway, from which we constantly expect cutting edge architecture, inaugurated “UNDER” – the first underwater restaurant in Europe - in early spring 2019. This performance, of offering a space, as well as the chance to experience

The Refuge on Mount Kanin

In the Slovenian mountains, there is a place where the gaze can cover, in a circle, Slovenia, Italy and the Adriatic Sea. Here, on top of a dizzyingly high rock, a refuge designed by the team of OFIS arhitekti was placed with great effort, with

Whitepod, Sustainable Igloos in the Swiss Alps

When we think of the Swiss Alps, the things that first come to mind are the dizzying heights and snow-covered ridges. Not necessarily igloos where you can wake up in the morning and contemplate nature with a coffee cup at your side. For the dreamers,

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