Travel in Patterns | TF Concept

This afternoon, we approach the sphere of music, taking a look at how electronic beats get reflected into pure geometrical constructions. There is definitely a strong connection between sound and graphic patterns but, from there, designer Tânia Filipa Silvestre, from Lisbon, Portugal, turned this connection

Travel in Patterns | Chocolataria Equador

They say chocolate brings joy. Today, we have a double dose of joy, as we found an interesting collection of patterns covering a wide selection of chocolate. Chocolataria Equador is the creation of the sculptor Teresa Almeida and the graphic designer Celestino Fonseca, who started the

Wine Stories | By the Wine

The name of the bar says it all but, before you catch the name, it is the space itself that catches your attention while you pass by Rua das Flores in the center of Lisbon. A special 3d pattern wraps up this (also) special place,

Travel in Patterns | Be Happy in Lisbon

One of the most appreciated features of Portugal is its use of ceramic tiles or azulejos. These historical patterns are also the source of inspiration for a creative team that has just launched its bio tea collection. Be Happy in Lisbon is actually the name of

Travel in Patterns | Pavements of Lisbon

More than a century before Op Art being stated as an artistic statement, the Portuguese pavement was already transforming the urban promenades into big abstract canvases. Here's a short selection of some interesting cobblestone patterns of Lisbon. There’s something very special about taking a walk in

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