Prelungim perioada de înscriere la competiția pentru studenți „2031 NOW”

București, 12 ianuarie 2022. Fundația Globalworth și Asociația Igloo – Habitat și Arhitectură anunță prelungirea perioadei de înscriere a proiectelor în competiția internațională pentru studenți 2031 NOW_our cities in 10 years, ca urmare a solicitărilor primite de la participanți și a complexității temei de concurs. Noul

„15-Minute City”. Beyond smart urbanism

15-minute city concept by Carlos Moreno previously won Obel Award 2021 and we’re about to show you why. Let’s imagine this: a city that is livable and accessible to all its inhabitants. Let’s be even braver. Let’s imagine that the city is being redesigned to be

2031 NOW Webinar #2 | Guest speaker: arch. Andrei Șerbescu | 15 December

We are happy to announce our second 2031 NOW Webinar, that will take place on Wednesday, 15th of December, 11:00 EET. Architecture, urban planning and design students from Romania or Poland are especially invited to attend an engaging presentation and discussion about (future) cities and

Follow-up 2031 NOW content webinar | 25 November

On the 25th of November, Globalworth and igloo organized the first 2031 NOW Webinar – a precious opportunity for architecture and urban planning students to meet some of the jury members of the competition, to ask questions about the competition theme and requirements, and to

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