Barcelona Smart City

Barcelona was officially recognized as a smart city in 2014 by the European Commission, taking the very first European Capital of Innovation prize for "introducing the use of new technologies to bring the city closer to citizens”. But the project for a smarter city unlocking the

Amsterdam Smart City

The Amsterdam Smart City initiative began in 2009 and currently counts with more than 5,480 innovators and over 280 projects collaboratively developed by residents, government and businesses. These projects run on an interconnected platform through wireless devices to enhance the city's decision making abilities. To promote

A Conversation with Tom van Arman on Amsterdam Smart City

Founder of Tapp, an award winning agency that since 2010 works with public and private partners to generate prototype solutions to solve urgent city problems, Tom van Arman is architect and urbanist using open data and applications to create more social, sustainable and resilient cities.

Descoperă sumarul igloo #185_smart cities

Suntem cu privirea îndreptată spre viitor și încercăm să gândim și să problematizăm avântul tehnologic al orașelor și al lumii în general. Tema noului număr igloo #185, Smart_Cities, vorbește, inevitabil, despre inovație, despre viteză, despre (de)sincronizare, despre soluții arhitecturale etice și sustenabile și despre necesitatea unor reglementări acolo unde

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