Whitepod, Sustainable Igloos in the Swiss Alps

When we think of the Swiss Alps, the things that first come to mind are the dizzying heights and snow-covered ridges. Not necessarily igloos where you can wake up in the morning and contemplate nature with a coffee cup at your side. For the dreamers, we should specify that what we just described above can be found in the canton of Valais, village of Les Cerniers, at the foot of the Dents-du-Midi Mountains, under the concept of Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel. Firmly perched on a green mountain slope and surrounded by fir trees, the igloos offer the chance of reconnecting with nature, being able to host two persons each.

Minimalist, but well-rounded, the interior design outlines a rustic setting, in agreement with nature, relying on the functionality and charm of natural materials such as wood. From 2004 onwards, the team of Whitepod took on the mission of becoming energy efficient and having a low impact on the environment through recycling and controlled energy and water use. As for the dishes served to the guests in the restaurant or at picnics, they are made using local products.


Article published in igloo #193_BigCityLights


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