Wallonie Bruxelles | Contemporary Architecture, igloo x WBA | exhibition

The first decades of the 21st century are a time of reconsideration of the built fund of cities, of sustainable interventions, of concern for low consumption of energy. Igloo continues its exploration of the good practices of various built areas and environments, proposing, in collaboration

A Cultural Hub inside the Perret Hall

Built in 1949, the Perret Hall in the French commune of Montataire is part of the general inventory of the cultural heritage of the Hautes de France region and has recently been the subject of a project of renovation, expansion and transformation into a cultural

Modernist Heritage Given Back to the City – Génie Civil

The Val-Benoît ensemble of the University of Liège was built between 1930 and 1965 on the site of a former Cistercian abbey, partially destroyed in 1796 and totally by the bombings of the Second World War. The former Institute of Civil Engineering (Arch. Joseph Moutschen),

A Chameleonic Insertion – Office Building on Matei Voievod Street

Medium-height office buildings are a sensible subject due to the specific tension between the characteristic architectural language that requires large glazed surfaces and the small volume, whose composition and morphology must somehow conciliate these extremes. Located in Bucharest, on a street with Modernist apartment buildings

UNDER, the First Underwater Restaurant in Europe

Snøhetta, probably one of the most innovative architecture firms in Norway, from which we constantly expect cutting edge architecture, inaugurated “UNDER” – the first underwater restaurant in Europe - in early spring 2019. This performance, of offering a space, as well as the chance to experience

The Refuge on Mount Kanin

In the Slovenian mountains, there is a place where the gaze can cover, in a circle, Slovenia, Italy and the Adriatic Sea. Here, on top of a dizzyingly high rock, a refuge designed by the team of OFIS arhitekti was placed with great effort, with

Whitepod, Sustainable Igloos in the Swiss Alps

When we think of the Swiss Alps, the things that first come to mind are the dizzying heights and snow-covered ridges. Not necessarily igloos where you can wake up in the morning and contemplate nature with a coffee cup at your side. For the dreamers,

Alpine Charm – A Mountain Periscope Turned Towards the Landscape

Recent history shows that, besides the traffic congestions on Valea Prahovei, Sinaia risks becoming a repertoire of failure in house building. In contrast with the balance between the built and natural environment, which was emblematic for the town until the ‘90s, an aberrant, abundant invasion

Inspired by the Chinook Clouds: The Calgary Central Library

Designed by Snøhetta and DIALOG, the Calgary Central Library opens a new chapter in the life of the city of the future, based on creation, innovation, knowledge and culture. The building was inaugurated on November 1st, 2018 and is an extension of the existing library. The

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