„15-Minute City”. Beyond smart urbanism

15-minute city concept by Carlos Moreno previously won Obel Award 2021 and we’re about to show you why. Let’s imagine this: a city that is livable and accessible to all its inhabitants. Let’s be even braver. Let’s imagine that the city is being redesigned to be

Fellini Museum. Architecture in motion

”Nulla si sa, tutto si immagina.” Federico Fellini, La voce della luna, 1990 Federico Fellini has built a colossal scaffolding of his own imagined reality, developed on multiple dimensions. The dreamlike and (neo) real (ist) space dispersed in his constructions. Dreams, hallucinations and life in its nude

2031 NOW Webinar #2 | Guest speaker: arch. Andrei Șerbescu | 15 December

We are happy to announce our second 2031 NOW Webinar, that will take place on Wednesday, 15th of December, 11:00 EET. Architecture, urban planning and design students from Romania or Poland are especially invited to attend an engaging presentation and discussion about (future) cities and

Follow-up 2031 NOW content webinar | 25 November

On the 25th of November, Globalworth and igloo organized the first 2031 NOW Webinar – a precious opportunity for architecture and urban planning students to meet some of the jury members of the competition, to ask questions about the competition theme and requirements, and to

MVRDV Rooftop Catalogue. Interview with architect Sanne van Manen

Looking at the vertical achievements of our evolving constructive capabilities gives the impression that the sky is a limit we have already conquered. But looking horizontally, we can see that we are approaching some limits; no longer goals to be achieved, but boundaries beyond which

Mental Structures poured into Concrete

At Ines Innovation Center designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen, the geometric interactions consolidated in red concrete give shape to the encounters between image and matter, between built and imagined space, between space and man, between man and man. Pezo von Ellrichshausen draw with powerful strokes an

A Colossal Mechanism

It is obvious that when we talk about the Colosseum, no introduction or description is needed, the superlative words are are automatisms and the mental space instantly builds the conventional form of the object-become-symbol. But if the repetitive image of this architectural, archeological, historical, etc.

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