MVRDV Rooftop Catalogue. Interview with architect Sanne van Manen

Looking at the vertical achievements of our evolving constructive capabilities gives the impression that the sky is a limit we have already conquered. But looking horizontally, we can see that we are approaching some limits; no longer goals to be achieved, but boundaries beyond which

Mental Structures poured into Concrete

At Ines Innovation Center designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen, the geometric interactions consolidated in red concrete give shape to the encounters between image and matter, between built and imagined space, between space and man, between man and man. Pezo von Ellrichshausen draw with powerful strokes an

A Colossal Mechanism

It is obvious that when we talk about the Colosseum, no introduction or description is needed, the superlative words are are automatisms and the mental space instantly builds the conventional form of the object-become-symbol. But if the repetitive image of this architectural, archeological, historical, etc.

Dimensions of the informal. Favelas 4D by MIT

New technologies are able to build not only futuristic utopias, but they also have the capacity to penetrate real, vulnerable places and shape present and future spaces, formal and informal. MIT Senseable City Lab enters the fragile core of the favelas to (digitally) bring to

Ideal forms, circular ideas. La Bourse de Commerce

“Architecture as a hyphen between the past and the present, where heritage and contemporary creation converse”  (Tadao Ando). Inserting itself in the series of concentric circles - built and modified over almost three centuries, thus giving shape and consistency to the Bourse de Commerce area -

Interweaving. Museo Casa Ayora

A house, two different faces: one baroque, exuberant towards the street, the other reserved, introverted towards the inner courtyard. And between the two facets, countless interwoven layers and textures. Museo Casa Ayora offers the experience of exalted materiality, created with various decorative patterns, historical and contemporary. The

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