Wadden Sea Centre. Horizontally caressing the ground

In radical and temperate forms, in a visionary and referential way, the architecture of  Wadden Sea Centre spreads its wings from the place where it is inserted, goes obliquely to reach contemporaneity and flies horizontally further, miming an enclosed flight on the ground. One Place and many

A mountain of sustainability and hedonism. CopenHill powered by BIG

BIG inscribes Copenhill with capital letters among the megaprojects that respond superlatively to climate change. The massif with aluminium crust solidifies the principles of hedonistic sustainability enunciated by Bjarke Ingels as the generator of the new architecture and the reflection of the Zeitgeist of this

Nathalie de Vries, MVRDV: „Everybody deserves room to live”

How will our world change and, in particular, how will architecture change over the following years? These are topics that both concern and incite us at a time when a constantly shifting reality has made us increasingly aware of the fact that we need more

Villas – A Permeable Interior Space

The projects signed by LPPA – Ledroit Pierret Polet architectes – have a distinct spatiality, a personal way of articulating relationships between components, fulls and voids and slabs and true splits. The house on Villas Boulevard in Saint Gilles is an example of this –

The Navez Building – A Specific Response / A Passive Building

“Like the other Art Deco and Neo-Gothic buildings in the neighborhood, which argue for a real desire for architecture, the Navez building tries to leave its mark upon the context through its game of designs and wide-angle geometry” - MSA. Located in the north of Brussels,

The Dwelling on the Roof. The M + D House

“Translating a new way of living in the city – where space is limited and migration to rural areas or outside the historical center is substantial – is the approach of families in their thirties” - Martiat+Durnez architectes. The residential building designed by architect Joseph Bage

A Reopened Patio at the Rideau Theater

“Nowadays, people don’t go to the theater to participate in a “sacred act”, but come at any time of the day, for a multitude of activities. The cultural places are to become a natural extension of the houses of their audience” - Olivier Bastin, architect, president

A Cultural Hub inside the Perret Hall

Built in 1949, the Perret Hall in the French commune of Montataire is part of the general inventory of the cultural heritage of the Hautes de France region and has recently been the subject of a project of renovation, expansion and transformation into a cultural

Modernist Heritage Given Back to the City – Génie Civil

The Val-Benoît ensemble of the University of Liège was built between 1930 and 1965 on the site of a former Cistercian abbey, partially destroyed in 1796 and totally by the bombings of the Second World War. The former Institute of Civil Engineering (Arch. Joseph Moutschen),

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