Dossier #209. Beyond REpresentation. San Rocco Magazine

INTERVIEWER: Andreea Mihaela Chircă INTERVIEWEE: Matteo Ghidoni IMAGES: San Rocco magazineSan Rocco magazine does not need a description overloaded with superlatives, but rather drawn with strong, bold lines and words, just like the project of this publication—radical, honest, clear. San Rocco speaks for itself, in

Wallonie Bruxelles | Contemporary Architecture, igloo x WBA | exhibition

The first decades of the 21st century are a time of reconsideration of the built fund of cities, of sustainable interventions, of concern for low consumption of energy. Igloo continues its exploration of the good practices of various built areas and environments, proposing, in collaboration

„15-Minute City”. Beyond smart urbanism

15-minute city concept by Carlos Moreno previously won Obel Award 2021 and we’re about to show you why. Let’s imagine this: a city that is livable and accessible to all its inhabitants. Let’s be even braver. Let’s imagine that the city is being redesigned to be

Fellini Museum. Architecture in motion

”Nulla si sa, tutto si immagina.” Federico Fellini, La voce della luna, 1990 Federico Fellini has built a colossal scaffolding of his own imagined reality, developed on multiple dimensions. The dreamlike and (neo) real (ist) space dispersed in his constructions. Dreams, hallucinations and life in its nude

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