Pattern Paintings by Sydney Cash

During 2017, American artist Sydney Cash created a series of Pattern Paintings. These oil paintings on paper are bonded onto sheet aluminum, making the paper ultra-flat, and allowing edges to follow any line. "The year's exploration shifted from a rectangular format by introducing rounded corners, and

Patterns & Symmetries

We are taking a tour inside the palace of Alhambra - inside an original, special vision of Alhambra, as reflected by Margarida Sardinha, who documented this amazing piece of architecture and, then, turned it into a completely new visual story. As we take a look at

Wine Stories | Turdetano

The sunny lands of Andalucia were, once, home of a prosperous civilization, Turdetan, that left a legacy of amazing geometrical patterns. Stylized and conceptualized, these models now wrap the wines of Andalusian Bodegas Salado into a graphical system full of contrasts and meanings - the

Travel in Patterns | Ana Romero

“I tell color stories. In my work color speaks louder than words” says Ana Romero, the artist who creates vibrant patterns for her eponym lifestyle brand. Just before the launch of her new website, we’re sharing the editorial presentation which will accompany it: Mirror / Mirror. The

Travel in Patterns | Pavements of Lisbon

More than a century before Op Art being stated as an artistic statement, the Portuguese pavement was already transforming the urban promenades into big abstract canvases. Here's a short selection of some interesting cobblestone patterns of Lisbon. There’s something very special about taking a walk in

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