Home, at the Office. ING Bank Headquarters by AMA Design

ING has always been an innovative bank, with a lot of courage in experimenting novel solutions, this time, through a different approach in the organization of their new headquarters. Together with the consultants and the architecture team of AMA Design, they created a desk sharing

A Chameleonic Insertion – Office Building on Matei Voievod Street

Medium-height office buildings are a sensible subject due to the specific tension between the characteristic architectural language that requires large glazed surfaces and the small volume, whose composition and morphology must somehow conciliate these extremes. Located in Bucharest, on a street with Modernist apartment buildings

The Grossmann Villa, Brought to Life

The Grossmann Villa has an architectural beauty that is emblematic for the early Eclecticism of the Viennese persuasion. Located in the center of the city of Arad, the building was given a new life through an ample process of restoration and rehabilitation, being transformed into

Alpine Charm – A Mountain Periscope Turned Towards the Landscape

Recent history shows that, besides the traffic congestions on Valea Prahovei, Sinaia risks becoming a repertoire of failure in house building. In contrast with the balance between the built and natural environment, which was emblematic for the town until the ‘90s, an aberrant, abundant invasion

5 Interaxes and 8 Bays – The Embassy of Kuwait

At the intersection of boulevards Mircea Eliade and Primăverii, an elegant white building captures our attention through its discretion and coherence. The low height, with three floors and a fourth recessed, is subtly configured in order to give the building an extraordinary dignity and a

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